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Andrew AB
Wedding Photography

"You have made our day, week, month and year. It will be a long time before there will be a day that we don't look at these photos!!!"
Mark & Claire, 29/4/2017

Hello. My name is Andrew AB, and you’re getting married. How brilliant!

I’m an award-winning wedding photographer, who is absolutely delighted by capturing the fun, energy, magic and madness of incredible days.
I’m obsessed with the tiny details, and with great sweeping drama. I love teasing out quiet moments as well as diving into the fanfare celebrations, and I am lucky that I get to surround myself with joy.

My style of photography is mostly natural, candid photos. I like to capture what is really happening without staging it.

Some photographers do this by being a fly on the wall, photographing their subjects unobserved from the other side of the room. And although this method can be very effective, I find what works for me is if I'm part of the day. I will speak to people at the wedding, be friendly and smiley, and then people don't get nervous when they see a camera but carry on acting normally.
Mostly what you’re after here is a look at my photos, and I’m more than happy to provide. Keep scrolling, much loveliness awaits.

Pricing & Packages
Wedding photography pricing can be vague and confusing - I’m not interested in that.

I charge a flat rate of £1500, and with that you’ll get everything I can possibly throw your way - including engagement photos, getting ready on the day, ceremony, formal shots and partying into the night. Afterwards you will have all the photos in high res delivered on a personalised USB pen and A5 photo album in a presentation box.

Essentially, I want to make sure you have every memory captured beautifully. And if I'm going to do something, I'm going to do the whole thing!

So, let’s get into the detail of what you'll get.

Engagement Photos
Whether you’d like some beautiful shots for invites, for a wedding website, presents or just to mark the moment when you decided to say I Do, engagement photos are a great way to kick off the celebrations.

They also give the three of us a chance to get to know each-other, to figure out the kind of shots you love best, and for you to get comfortable with the camera ahead of the day itself.
Getting Ready: Team Bride
There’s nothing like the whirlwind of getting ready on the morning of your wedding. From perfecting make-up to sipping prosecco, matching PJs to tears and hugs, you focus on the action, I focus on capturing every single moment.

Getting Ready: Team Groom
Hipflasks, buff brogues, the perfect shave and everything in between - I make sure that the groom and his closest friends and family remember every second. Even when it becomes clear no-one knows how to tie a bow tie. (Especially then).

Before the Ceremony
With the air absolutely fizzing with anticipation, it’s a perfect time to capture the swirl of emotions for the bride, groom, family and guests. From waiting outside to greeting treasured friends, to the walk down the aisle itself - no matter what the location, you’ll get it all.

The Big Moment
It’s all about you. I can be as present or as invisible as you like during the ceremony itself, but either way I will make sure that every key moment - as well as reactions from your wonderful guests - is captured.

First Kiss
Ah, you guys.

Confetti and ‘Formal’ Shots
My background is in musical, theatrical and event photography, so I love nothing better than perfectly framing your spectacular action shots. As you emerge, I’ll make sure to translate the excitement, warmth and spontaneous joy into memories that will last forever.

Formal photos aren’t just for the bride and groom, or even the parents and grandparents - they’re for the great grandchildren. A perfect encapsulation of a family, of a friendship group, of people who love each-other, in one place in space and time. No matter what vibe you want, we’ll get it right.

Bride and Groom
I love capturing the first moments you share alone together as a married couple. Away from the buzz of your adoring guests, whether along a country path, in a beautiful hidden space or just somewhere you both feel relaxed and calm, together we’ll translate the amazing mixture of emotions you’re feeling in the moment: elation, happiness, love, delight.

With plenty of options for shots, we can make it as formal or informal as you’d like. Whatever brings out the essence of you as a couple.

Cocktail Hour
Here’s where the action cranks up, the smiles get wider and the drinks flow faster than the glorious chat. Whether your guests are getting to know each-other better, posing beautiful or partaking in a variety of silly activities, I’ll be sure to get them looking their absolute best (not to mention most ridiculous).
The Reception: Details

You’ve planned every detail perfectly. And dammit, you want to make sure they’re remembered. That’s where I come in. Whatever your theme, whatever mood you create, whatever keepsakes end up getting swept underfoot when the dancing starts - I’ll make sure the time, effort and love you have poured into your day comes across perfectly.

The Speeches
No-one will ever forget the speeches - but that’s no reason not to capture every second. Tears of laughter, tears of joy, the shock, the stories, the love and the sweet humiliation when THAT high-school photo surfaces, I’ll be sure to get action shots, as well as a wide range of reactions from all your delighted guests.
Reception: Dinner, Cake and Everything in Between…
Now, this one’s a little up for grabs - generally speaking I tend to avoid photos of the feasting itself (very few people want treasured memories of a mouth full of potatoes), but between courses is a very different matter! A more relaxed atmosphere, guests mingling, enjoying a crisp glass of wine, or looking admiringly at your cake, I like to capture a sense of the communal joy, relaxation and celebration. And, of course, the cake cutting. Just… save me a slice, OK?
First Dance and After-Party
Whether beautifully nervous, entirely blagged or amazingly choreographed, the official first dance is a joy to witness. Whatever shots you’d like (or shots you’d definitely never want to see the light of day), I’ll be there to gather a wide variety of options. And then, of course, as the rest of your party joins you on the dance-floor, I’ll be right there at the centre of the action - making sure every guest gets their own moment in the spotlight.
Until the very Final Ever After…
By all day, I mean all day. I am completely delighted by, not to mention committed to, witnessing every moment your of day, and I’ll keep on snapping until the last man or woman is standing. My job is to provide you with every possible wonderful memory. Even if, by that point, your best friends have very little memory of it themselves…

Planning a Destination Wedding?
How exciting! I’ve got a lot of experience in travel photography, and would absolutely love to come on your adventure with you. I have both a UK and USA passport so able to work and travel in many countries! I also speak Spanish, so could be super useful in Spanish-speaking countries

...And Then After
And you’re done! All you need to do is put your feet up, relax, and let me get to work!

1-2 days after your wedding - social media sneak peeks, a few choice shots perfectly crafted
1-2 months after your wedding - 600-800 edited photos sent to you online
3 months - Your favourite picks in an album, delivered in a personalised box, plus all your photos in high res on a memory pen.
Click the button below to see examples of the album and USB boxes.

Do you do shorter days for less money?

Though I’m not averse to conversations about bespoke options, I’d much rather do the full day at the price I’ve stated. I’ve found it works best for my clients, and results in the best possible number and quality of shots. But hey, it never hurts to ask, let’s have a chat, and see what we can do.

Do you charge expenses on top of your fee?

Nope, the fee includes travel - unless the venue is very long distance, or I need to sort accommodation. Basically, if there are any additional costs, I’ll make sure you know about it before any decisions are made.

Will you need feeding?

Look, I’m never going to say no to a free meal - if you don’t mind providing me a vegetarian plate I’d be very grateful, especially with the long (and wonderful!) day we’re going to have! But of course it’s no bother, just let me know food arrangements in advance, and I can sort something out.

Can I get copies of your RAW photos?

Afraid not, I don’t hand out RAW images to anyone.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D mk iii & iv. I have 24-70 and 70-200 f2.8 and 35mm, 50mm and 85mm primes. Interesting for those who know, total gibberish to others!

Any other question? Please ask!
Still Here? Awesome! I hope I've convinced you to hire me. If not, get in touch and we can meet in person, it's always nice to chat with a cup of coffee.